How to Best Write Email Newsletters for New Homebuilders

Email Newsletters for Marketing

So you have established your landing page and your capture form is spot-on. With a growing number of people providing their contact information you now decide that your first salvo in staying within their radar is via an email newsletter. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong.  Email newsletters can go directly to the spam or trash bin regardless of how good they are but they get their much quicker if they are trash. So it is important to put your best foot forward in the hopes that once you customer sees your letter he will actually take the time to browse through it and not click the delete button outright. 

Excellent Content Marketing

Content is king and good content marketing is key when writing effective email newsletters to your clients.  Remember, good content marketing is intended to help your customer, not sell anything (that comes later).  You need to first engage with your reader by offering him with some sensible and interesting topics.  The content need not be about your business but something near it so as not to inundate your lead with salesy information. 

Good Subject Lines

Remember, you only have a few seconds to connect and make a 1st impression so make sure your email subject line is clear and to the point.  It should be short enough that it can be read via a mobile device but also long enough for you to put your message across. 

Visually Conscious 

Images, colors, good art work all work to convince people that you are the person they should hire for that remodel or new home construction.  Stay clear of colors that do not represent your brand or formatting that has not been tested fully on different devices. Your newsletter is a form of branding. It should represent you and therefore the images and colors you send is a subconscious reminder to your potential customers of who you are. 

Call to Action and Contact Information 

Even though you are not talking about your business at the moment it does not mean you are not ready to do business with somebody that is ready. Newsletters need to make it super east for people to call or refer people to you. Provide a call to action at the end should they want to get more information about your products and services and also place other contact information online and offline for them to use. 

Common Mistakes Made by Home Builders

Home construction has a lot of moving parts. You need to worry about the materials, labor, insurance, permits, weather and so much more. If you have made the right choice when selecting a builder you won’t have these problems to deal with. However, if you select someone that is not experienced enough may land you headaches. Here are some common mistakes inexperienced home builders make that you should watch out for.

Neglecting to Install Raised Heel Trusses


The function of raised heel trusses is that it offers ample vertical space above the top plates of the exterior walls. It allows for the installation of a good helping of cellulose or fiberglass insulation on top of at least 2 ½ inches for a ventilation baffle and an air space. For a code-minimum home, raised heel trusses might need about 13 inches of vertical space at the top plates whereas another home located in another state may require 19 inches. Determine how much insulation you want to install and inform the home builder about it.

Poor Installation Of Fiberglass Batts


Here are some possible solutions to this issue. First, you can write specifications that insist they adhere to the Grade I installation standard and let the insulation contractors understand what you expect prior to the bid. Make sure to supervise to make sure that the standard is met or specify a different kind of insulation material.

Neglecting To Install Basement Wall Insulation

If SLC home builders are constructing anywhere that is definitely colder, the building code will require basement walls to be insulated. Keep in mind that just because it is required, it does not automatically mean they will install it. If the home builder insists that they won’t do it. Insist or just find another one that will.

With regard to slab-on-grade-foundations the common issue is neglect in installation of a vertical rigid foam at the slab perimeter. This is perfect for improving the thermal performance of the foundation.

Failed To Perform A Blower-Door Test

If the blower-door test is scheduled at the right time normally after installation of windows and doors and ideally before the drywall is hung there is a good chance to be able to identify leaks present. It is much easier to find the leaks and seal them prior to drywall installation. Make sure your builder knows about this.

When selecting a reliable home builder always choose one with at least 3 years of experience under their belt. This will ensure they have seen enough experience in the construction area to anticipate problems before they become one.